Tye Sheridan – Actor and Producer – Asphalt City, Ready Player One, Mud & Tree of Life

Actor and Producer Tye Sheridan, Asphalt City, Ready Player One, Mud & Tree of Life joins us to chat his career, stepping up to produce and working with a whole host of talents including Stephen Spielberg, Terence Malick and Sean Penn.

Tye chats to Dom Lenoir about:

His journey as an actor.

Auditions and nearly quitting.

Breaking through with Tree of Life and Mud.

Working with Spielberg on Ready Player One.

Setting up his Production Company Dogwood Pictures

Creating his AI film tech firm Wonder Dynamics & Wonder Studio to help indie filmmakers.

Making Asphalt City in 20 days, getting Sean Penn to star and going deep into prep and on set.

Asphalt City is OUT NOW in cinemas!


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