The Last Tree director & screenwriter Shola Amoo talks how he made his award winning indie film with Giles Alderson & Robbie McKane

Shola Amoo, The director and screenwriter of the BIFA winning ‘The Last Tree’ sits down with Giles Alderson and Robbie McKane to chat how he makes his films.

He talks about his start in journalism and his route to film through documentary filmmaking. Learning transferable skills from journalism, critical reading, analysing texts and applying that through documentary, learning how to create a narrative from real world environments and events and importantly listening skills in interviews

His breakthrough into directing by getting his documentary bought and screened by Current TV, then working with actors at the Soho & Royal Court Theatres & working on music videos

Going to NTFS and shooting short films there – The Prayer, Touch
and then making A Moving Image – 1st Feature, a parable of gentrification
How he worked with iFeatures for the Last Tree

And finally we talk The Last Tree , how he got the money to make the film, working with the actors, allowing freedom to move around 360 degree environments & allowing for flexibility with the actors whilst having a clear confident approach ’You plan to let go’.

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