The Joy of Filmmaking with BAFTA winning filmmaker Neasa Hardiman – The director and screenwriter of Sea Fever talks to Giles Alderson and Dom Lenoir

Ep 164 – The delightful and very talented Neasa Hardiman joins us this week to talk about her new feature film, the excellent Sea Fever (OUT NOW!)

Neasa joins Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Dom Lenoir (Winter Ridge) remotely to talk about her joy of film-making, the journey she took to get here and what she learnt along the way.

They chat going from shorts and documentaries to TV and film. Making Happy Valley and winning a BAFTA for doing so, going on to big US TV shows such as Jessica Jones and how Sea Fever came about.

They talk working wit actors, pitching projects to get grants, collaborating and how you have to believe in your work. Neasa talks about knowing what your project is before writing it, how you can use the language of film-making, story boarding and always knowing the budget you are aiming for.

They chat in depth about Sea Fever and how it was made, working with Dougray Scott, Connie Nielson, Hermione Corfield  and the actors, filming on a boat, filming at sea, editing and distribution,

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