‘The Dare’ podcast special! Making our horror film with the cast & crew

This is ‘The Dare’ podcast special as our hosts own movie is now released in the UK!

You can find the movie on SkyStore, Amazon, iTunes, Playstation, Virgin Store, Google Play etc

Giles Alderson (director & co writer) Julian Kostov (producer) and Andrew Rodger (cinematographer) are joined by the co-writer & cast of film for this special episode of podcsat

In the first section they chat with co-writer Jonny Grant (Arthur & Merlin) about how the film came about, how Giles and Jonny wrote it, How Julian came on board to produce and how it got green lit and shot in a studio in Bulgaria. Giles and Andy also discuss camera techniques and how they kept the shots in The Dare constantly changing.

In the second section they chat to the farmhouse cast Richard Brake (3 From Hell), Mitchell Norman (Giantland) and Harry Jarvis (The Knight before Christmas) about casting, working in a studio, playing evil characters, working with directors and upping your game.

In the third section we talk to the basement story cast Bart Edwards (The Witcher), Alexandra Evans (Redistributors), Richard Short (Mary Kills People) and Devora Wilde (The Tombs) about horror film-making, working together in basement, working with blood gore and sand and characters

WATCH ‘THE DARE’ in the UK here:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/3d0dJ4Z

iTunes: http://apple.co/30wNfTD

SkyStore http://bit.ly/36wNaTI

WATCH The Dare in Canada and USA

The Dare | Trailer

Starring Richard Brake, Bart Edwards, Alexandra Evans, Richard Short, Rob Maaser, Dan Schutzmann, Devora Wilde, Harry Jarvis, Mitchell Norman, Oliver Cunliffe, Emily Haigh, Lelia Yvetta, Flynn Matthews & Ethan Hazzard.

Cinematographer Andrew Rodger, Produced by Julian Kostov



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The Dare Canada and USA | Trailer

The Dare order DVD in UK here

A Serial Killers Guide to Life | Trailer

Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot DIGITAL https://apple.co/3gxiPX3 DVD https://amzn.to/30dCdUa | Trailer


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