The Aeronauts, Peaky Blinders & Wild Rose director Tom Harper joins Giles Alderson, Dom Lenoir and Robbie McKane

Director Tom Harper drops by Cameo Recording Studios to chat with Giles Alderson (The Dare), Dom Lenoir (Winter Ridge) and producer/editor Robbie McKane to talk about how he makes his films and TV shows including ‘Scouting Book For Boys’, ‘Woman in Black 2’, ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘War Book’, ‘Wild Rose’ & ‘The Aeronauts’ which is OUT NOW in cinemas.

We talk about he made his start in film-making by making tea in a post house, making short films and his attitude to networking and pitching to TV and film bodies and working with wonderful actors such as Jessie Buckley and Felicity Jones.

We talk about BAFTA’s and how it might not make a difference to your career, working with your best mates, building a career and fox wrangling.

The golden moment before you show your film to the world, working with actors and how you will always find people who will hate your work.

The Aeronauts is OUT NOW in Cinema

The Aeronauts TRAILER


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