No Way Up: A Director and DP’s Dive into Collaboration

This week on The Filmmakers Podcast, director Claudio Fäh and cinematographer Andrew Rodger take us behind the scenes of their new film No Way Up. From the challenges of shooting underwater to the importance of strong collaboration, they share insights with host Giles Alderson about bringing their story to life.

Claudio, known for his work on genre-defying films, reveals that when selecting a DP, it’s not just about technical skill but also about personality when working closely with someone. “I need somebody who’s going to be lovely to be around,” he explains, emphasising the significance of a DP’s demeanour in fostering a comfortable environment for actors. This sentiment is echoed by Andy, who emphasises the importance of being on the same wavelength as the director and crew.

The discussion delves into the making of No Way Up, a project presented by Altitude CEO, Andy Mayson. Despite facing logistical hurdles and a tight budget, Claudio and his team were determined to realise their vision authentically. Both Claudio and Andy spoke of the challenges of shooting the plane crash sequence, highlighting the necessity of meticulous planning and inventive problem-solving.

Andy elaborates on the cinematography process, emphasising the balance between technical precision and creative expression. “It’s about finding the look and feel of the movie and how we can make it beautiful,” he says, underscoring how important visual storytelling is in captivating audiences.

Giles then asked about the editing process and Claudio praised editor Adam Recht for his ability to craft tension and suspense. “Adam is great at building tension and holding suspense,” he notes, highlighting Adam’s skill in enhancing the film’s emotional impact through strategic editing choices. His expertise proved invaluable in refining the narrative and maintaining a good pace throughout the film.

Test screenings provided valuable feedback, guiding the filmmakers in refining their narrative. “It’s not just about showing the movie—it’s about understanding how audiences react and adjusting accordingly,” Claudio explains, emphasising the importance of audience engagement in shaping the final cut.

They both continued to emphasise the importance of collaboration and adaptability in overcoming obstacles. From navigating the complexities of shooting underwater to finding creative solutions within budget constraints, No Way Up is a testament to the power of teamwork and ingenuity.

No Way Up is more than a thrilling cinematic experience—it’s a testament to the resilience and creativity of filmmakers who dare to push the boundaries of storytelling. Have a listen to the full episode here.

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