Nick Powell – How to make action films with Nicolas Cage and his new film PRIMAL

On this episode 149 of The Filmmakers Podcast Giles Alderson (The Dare) had a natter with director and stunt choreographer Nick Powell about working with Nicolas Cage and his latest film Primal (OUT NOW)

We chat how Nick started out as an actor and was offered a role at The National Theatre but couldn’t afford it so started doing stunts through his love of martial arts and started to get films and TV work such as Batman and British TV and from there started to direct 2nd unit

Then after 8 or 9years he turned stunt directing work down in the hope his feature films would happen.

We talk about why movies fall apart. Why agents can’t be difficult to get through, how even with Nicolas Cage attached it still doesn’t mean your film can happen.

Working with Tom Cruise on The Last Samurai and training him and Russell Crowe and what goes into those huge films.

Nick gives us some great tips on working with actors and how sometimes you have to say no and tells us not to believe everything we hear from the producers and how you should go in with an open mind and do the best you can .

We also talk PRIMAL, shooting stunt sequences, working with animals and cgi ….

And working with Nic Cage




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