Medieval: Making a historical epic with named cast with actor Sophie Lowe & writer/director Petr Jákl

For this week’s Friday special, we’ve invited actor Sophie Lowe and director Petr Jákl to the show. Together, they made the historical epic feature film Medieval, also starring the great Michael Caine, Ben Foster, Til Schweiger, only to name a few.

You might know Sophie from the TV shows Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013), The Returned (2015) The Beautiful Lie (2015), or Romper Stomper (2018). Petr’s credits include Ghoul (2015) and as an actor/stuntman, he has worked on films like xXx (2002), Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Borgia (2011).

Today’s host Giles Alderson chats with Sophie about

–       getting into acting

–       the importance of feeling confident

–       dealing with rejection & pressure

… while Petr talks about

–       the secret behind making successful movies

–       directing Michael Caine

–       raising funds

–       his directing style

–       creating the look in camera


Sit back, relax and listen to our lovely chat with Sophie Lowe & Petr Jákl.


MEDIEVAL is out!

The story of fifteenth-century Czech icon and warlord Jan Zizka, who defeated armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire.



Watch Medieval | TRAILER



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