Masterclass in Filmmaking: From Theatre to Film with Allelujah, Notes on a Scandal and Iris director Sir Richard Eyre

On this weeks show we welcome Sir Richard Eyre director of the Oscar nominated Iris, Notes on a Scandal and the recent feature film Allelujah.

Richard sits down for a chat with Giles Alderson, Tori Butler-Hart and Matthew Butler -Hart all about his career up until this point.

They talk about:

Moving from Theatre to TV and TV to film

How he learnt on the job and became a better director.

The importance of rehearsal

The differences between actors

How editing is key to making a film work

And he gives some amazing advice for filmmakers.

Allelujah is in CINEMAS now.

Filmmaking Book:

Full to the Brim with Fizz, Ginger, and Fierce Determination;

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