Making successful indie films & distributing & marketing them with The Droving and HEX director and screenwriter George Popov

This week we are joined by returning hero George Popov who appeared on Ep 28 talking about his first feature film HEX made for just 10k. Now after a very successful release with that film he is back to talk about his second feature film The Droving.

He sits down (remotely, obviously) with director Giles Alderson (The Dare) and DoP Andrew Rodger (Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot) to chat about self distribution on Amazon, hoe he got success with HEX and how he brought on a distribution company, Indie Rights to help him sell the film further.

We talk about filming The Droving at a real festival in Lake District, How he built the world, used a lot of the same cast and crew, Raised the finance, found the locations and shot the practical SFX deaths.

We also talk about knowing the business and marketing of your film BEFORE you start putting pen to paper and Andrew tells us about PLANAR WATCHES (available now)

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