Julie Delpy: Actor, Screenwriter & Director on filmmaking, creating, acting and her latest feature ‘My Zoe’

Giles and Robbie are humbled to sit down and chat with the incredible tour de force that is Julie Delpy. Whilst many of us may know and love her from Richard Linklater’s the ‘Before’ series or her work with Kieslowski on the Three Colours trilogy, we also know her prolific directing career from her debut ‘Looking for Jimmy’ all the way up to her latest feature ‘My Zoe’.

Julie talks frankly about her personal philosophy about film-making, her love of sci-fi and her directing process from writing to production to post – including how she made a name for herself at NYU by turning other students garbage footage into masterpieces in the edit suite.

We cover everything from collaborating with encouraging colleagues like Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater to navigating the nastier side of the film industry and dealing with industry sexism as a female actor making the route from acting to directing.

Finally, we discuss the practical nature of film-making, and how you can stay true to your own vision whilst adding others’ ideas into the mix in the hire wire art of directing.

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