Jim Cummings – How he wrote, directed and starred in his brilliant debut feature film ‘Thunder Road’ with Giles Alderson & Christian James

Jim Cummings joins Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Christian James (Fanged Up) to talk about his debut feature film Thunder Road.

Jim wrote, directed and starred in the film which was developed from his short film of the same name which won the grand Jury prize in Sundance.

He tells us about his journey from making shorts as a producer to doing it yourself, where the idea for Thunder Road came from and how he ended up the lead in his own short and subsequent feature film.

Thunder Road is a hilarious tragi-comedy which follows the life of Jim, a police officer on the verge of a mental breakdown following the death of his mother and the breakdown of his marriage.  Thunder Road is released i the UK on Friday 31st May

Having self-funded the film via Kickstarter, it’s a testament to independent film-making and is a real passion project for Jim. The film also has lots of interesting angles to explore such as how it has had the seal of approval from Bruce Springsteen whose song it is named after, how it deals with topical mental health including the stigma around men being able to show emotion and it’s comment on the current state of the American police force.


Thunder Road trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFSrtVN1i6A

Thunder Road CINEMA LISTINGS http://thunderroadfilm.co.uk/seances

Jim Cummings on Twitter @jimmycthatsme


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