How to write Hollywood hit ‘A Quiet Place’ with screenwriters & Directors of ace new horror ‘Haunt’ Scott Beck and Bryan Woods with hosts Giles Alderson and Christian James

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the screenwriters of A Quiet Place, starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski drop by to chat to Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Christian James (Fanged Up) during FrightFest to talk about creating their Hollywood hit and their latest feature film ‘Haunt’ which they also directed as well as wrote.

They talk about their World Premier experience at Popcorn Frights and where they met Giles Alderson during his World Premiere of The Dare.  – The discuss unsocial cinema goers and watching your own work with an audience.

The differences between working with a writing partner vs. writing for a director. They talk how they got into writing, entering competitions How they wrote up to 30 screenplays before being paid to write one – Writing something to self-produce – a short – Pursuing agents – finding the agents (assistants) at your level.

They talk about their first feature Nightlight – a found footage from the perspective of a flashlight taken into a dark forest – Picked up by Lionsgate, dumped on VOD – How to expect failure as filmmakers – always preparing for plan B.

They talk about A Quiet Place and how it started out as a Plan B – Writing the spec – A film about communication – about a family, not necessarily a horror film first – Their love for silent film being a big inspiration.

They talk about their writing process, ping-ponging ideas, collaborating

And they discuss Haunt – the next project after a Quiet Place – Overcoming boundaries with directors guilds, in only writing together, being on set together and how important it is in finding good collaborators in the film industry.

‘Haunt’ trailer

Beck and Woods website


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Giles Alderson website

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