How to Write and Direct a Literary Coming-of-Age Drama, Good Posture, with actor / writer Emily Mortimer and writer / director Dolly Wells

Actors, writers and lifelong friends Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells join us today to discuss their new film Good Posture, out in cinemas this week on October 4th.

We learn about their inspirations, how they write, co-create and collaborate on set, in both Good Posture and their hit sitcom Doll & Em

Dolly tells us a bit about her own background and her inspiration from childhood to act, write and now direct, the pair discuss the politics of being friends whilst dealing with the director/actor dynamic. Emily shares insight from the actor’s perspective and good approaches filmmakers can have.

Giles is still fighting dragons in Wales whilst shooting Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot, so sitting in today are directors Phil Hawkins and Christian James with producer Robbie McKane.

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Curzon showings for Good Posture


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