How to make more than one Indie Film with Ed Boase director of Trick or Treat

Filmmaker Ed Boase drops in to the Union in Soho to talk how he makes his Indie films, how he raises the finance and his latest feature Trick or Treat!

Ed talks about making a short now after making features and how that differs.

How he got his start in film-making by getting James Bond legend Desmond Llewelyn to star in his first short film at 17 yrs old. And how Desmond was very generous and helping him become a filmmaker

He talks about top tips for a premiere. whether you should go to Film school or not and how important it is to help other filmmakers

He chats making his first feature ‘Bloodied’ and how it felt being dumped by the distributions and not getting the release he wanted or hoped for.

Not knowing what film to make after his first feature. After his second film he got depressed after projects kept falling apart. And how not to have all your eggs in one basket and have multiple projects at one time and how that can be better for all projects as well.

The upside and downside to being a Director for hire. Shooting a film at night and what to be aware of when shooting with no sleep. All this and much more.

WATCH Trick of Treat trailer here

Ed’s Young Film Academy link here


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