How to make indie movies with horror legend Danny Draven!

This week Giles Alderson (The Dare) sits down for a natter with directing & producing legend AND master of horror Danny Draven to talk about his journey and how and why he can make very successful movies some in just four days! Including William Shatner’s Full Moon Fright Night’s Horror Vision, Danny Draven’s Masters of Terror & Horror Vault, Patient Seven, Stuart Gordon Presents Deathbed, The Offerings (a.k.a. Ghost Month), Hell Asylum, and Reel Evil.

We chat about his books, he has written three on making films plus how he got his break in film-making.

They discuss his debut feature, Patient Seven shot in four days and starring Michael Ironside which shot him into the horror making world with a bang. How he learned to edit, He has edited over 200 movies, working with horror master Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and how he learned to delegate, working with blood and gore and how having a great UPM and VFX supervisor is essential.

And we discuss his latest feature the puppet frenzy/rubber monsters madness that is Weedjees: Halloweed Night which he also shot in four days and LIVE streamed the whole process on YouTube as he went.


Danny Draven’s series on Amazon Prime – tons of behind the scenes that is incredibly informative.

Danny Draven’s Masters of Terror



Danny Draven’s Horror Vault



Weedjees : Halloweed Night TRAILER

Making of…Behind the Scenes LIVE STREAM


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