How to Make a Studio Movie indie with Jack Binder producer of Oscar Nominated First Reformed

Experienced Hollywood producer Jack Binder has not only worked with some of Hollywood’s A-listers including Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler and Kevin Costner but he has also produced studio movies as well as the studio indie and the outright indiefilm. His latest film First Reformed staring Ethan Hawke was Oscar Nominated this year for best screenplay!

Starting out as an assistant and ended up creative director and working with Oscar winning producer Michael Phillips (The Sting)

How as a producer you can work with your brother who is the director.

What to do when the shit hits the fan on set and the best way to deal with it.

We talk about the difference between producing a studio movie to an indie film and what you can go about to make it work for you.

Working with stars like Kevin Costner and Ben Affleck, who they act on set and how you should too. We ask him is there a difference between setting up a film in the U.K. to the US?

And how important it is your banking production account is set up before the money comes in.




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