First Reformed producer Jack Binder on How to Make Studio Indie Movies Pt 2 with Giles Alderson and Dom Lenoir

In Part 2 of our chat with producer and financier Jack Binder we talk about Reign Over Me star Adam Sandler, how he is on set and how you should carry yourself as the star of any production

Jack’s new platform How as Guerilla filmmakers we have to have solid knowledge of your budgets and finance plan and schedule that make sense created by professionals so your investors can see you are serious and understand what you are actually doing

“The film budget is a reflection upon you and your team”

We talk about having a message as a filmmaker that represents making a change in the world with his company

We talk about seeing the script for Paul Schaffer’s First Reformed and the message it was trying to say and Ethan Hawke’s performance and how he put the finance together .

Getting on the Oscar bandwagon &Atomic arts visual effects company who are approachable for indie filmmakers

And does he prefer Indie films or studio films ?



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