How to Make A Sci-Fi Time Travel Movie in TWO Days with director & writer Grant Pichla and Giles Alderson

Grant Pichla joins Giles Alderson to chat how he made his feature film Making Time in TWO DAYS!!

Giles and Grant had a good natter on film-making and the joys and sacrifices we go through to make films.

We talk about Grant’s background, how he got into filmmaking and his first feature film ‘Niners’

How making a feature film whilst having a job and renovating a house is a tough thing to do but so rewarding at the same time.
And how Grant used the renovation as production design in the film.

How he devised a way to shoot ‘Making Time’ his feature film in two days – via camera setups, lighting etc
How he dealt with major problems on set, even though it was two days spreadd out over 7 months, dealing with extreme weather conditions, loosing cast and crew
And how he had to work against the clock to overcome the odds.


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