How to Make a Zombie Comedy Drama starring Lupita Nyong’o & Josh Gad with ‘Little Monsters’ Director Abe Forsyth

What happens when you take a George A Romero zombie apocalypse and place the focus on a class of 6 year olds? Director of Little Monsters Abe Forsythe shares with us how he approaches comedy, satire and blending genres in his highly original style of film-making.

Robbie McKane sat down with Abe to talk about Abe’s influences, his debut feature Ned, based on Australian hero Ned Kelly, and his follow up feature Down Under, which covers on the bizarre landscape of modern polarised social politics with a brutal bite of black humour.
Finally we discuss Little Monsters, its inception, how it was financed and how Abe got his dream cast, including Josh Gad (Frozen) and Lupita Nyong’o )12 Years a Slave) in addition, we look at the challenges of filming with child actors in a zombie movie and striking the perfect tone between horror and comedy.

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