How to Make a Indie Film Guerrilla Style with Road trip movie I Love My Mum director Alberto Sciamma

Joining us this week is Director and Screenwriter Alberto Sciamma who talks about his new film I Love My Mum and how he made it Guerrilla Style across Europe.

Giles Alderson is joined by Producer and actor Matt Hookings, Director Dom Lenoir (Winter Ridge) and our producer /editor Robbie McKane

They talk about Alberto’s debut feature Killer Tongue and how he got finance from the American film market, How he found a Spanish production company and shooting a film in Spain

The learning process of making his debut film Black Death, where he directed stars Lena Headey and Jason Flemyng
The on his second feature, Jericho Mansions he directed star James Caan !

Alberto’s talks to us about his screenwriting process. Writing an idea from a seed and how to steal ideas from multiple sources

We discuss his third feature Bite / Blood Trap which he shot in Italy with a large friendly cast
and finally we chat about his latest film I Love My Mum (Out on 31st May in the UK), the difficulty in funding. Collaborating with Matt and fellow producer Alexa Waugh, Shooting Guerrilla Filmmaking Style in Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and the UK and we discuss the Distribution of the film.


I Love my Mum Trailer


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