How to Make a 17 year sci-fi Micro Budget Passion Project and get it released in cinemas with Invasion Planet Earth’s director and screenwriter Simon Cox

Director and screenwriter Simon Cox joins us to talk how he made his epic sci-fi passion project Invasion of Planet Earth with very little money and managed to get a cinema release!

Simon sits down with Giles Alderson to talk about his journey as an director, his first film Driven, how that nearly broke him, how to deal with disappointments in film-making and what he learnt from that experience.

Simon goes into detail about how he learnt as an editor on kids TV and how he made his first short film through to his passion fro sci-f and wanting to write a film he believed in.

How with Invasion Planet Earth he managed to crowdfund most of the movie and also persuade 900! extras to hi set through social media!

They talk about depression in film-making and how you have to pick yourself up and why you have to enjoy the journey and Giles explains why this is his last podcast for a month!

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