How to make a 10K indie film in 8 Days,

This week husband and wife team Paul and Diane Knight stop by to chat with Giles Alderson (The Dare) ad Ian Sharp (The Marker) about making their latest movie ’24 Little Hours’ for just 10k in 8 Days!

A real treat for filmmakers as returning favourite Paul Knight continues his chat from episodes 31 & 32 where he talked very openly about the issue he had when his film Landscape of Lies was involved in a £19.6M tax scam and hoe he over came it and now he is back with his wife and fellow producer Diane Knight to talk about how they made a feature film in 8 days with just 10k to play with.

They talk about their process, their days to day on set, casting, asking for favours, getting the film distributed and released to the world.

Watch 24 Little Hours here:


The Dare has now been released in US & Canada – Order The Dare here:

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