How to go from Shorts to Features, Raise Finance and make a hit Zombie Musical Feature Film with John McPhail director of Anna & The Apocalypse

Anna & The Apocalypse director John McPhail joins Giles Alderson to chat how to make films.

They discuss what makes us fall in love with movies ?  How important it is to know your audience. How John made a short called ‘Notes’ based on a real story of not ever meeting a guy he used to live with.

They also chat about going from shorts to his first feature ‘Where do we go from Here?’ by using some of his award money winnings to pay for it. How important it is to have the ability to phone up and ask for things – and especially how to get money from people. The SEIS route 

Getting post help to complete the feature after being turning down for government funding 

Why and how to get Into film festivals and how to use them to your advantage 

John describes how Anna And The Apocalypse came about and having imposter syndrome and how it felt amazing to be directing and he gives some amazing advice for filmmakers 

WATCH Anna and the Apocalypse here: AATA

WATCH Where do we go from Here? here: WDWGFH

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