How to go from a VFX Compositor to making two independent Sci-Fi Features & a Disney TV Series with director Hasraf ‘Haz’ Dulull

The wonderful and highly fun director, writer and VFX superstar Hasraf ‘Haz’ Dulull sat down with Giles Alderson and Robbie McKane to chat how he went from VFX work on The Dark Knight to making his own films ‘The Beyond’ and ‘2036 Origin Unknown’ and his TV show Fast Layne.

We chat about his star in video games making cut scene graphics in an autonomous self-starting role. How he moved into the VFX film industry – specialised in compositing (combining different VFX elements into the final film) and pioneered the use of Shake and Combustible applications

How he worked on studio films culmulating in The Dark Knight for Christopher Nolan where a custom version of Shake was used to accommodate the 5K IMAX film

How he worked on commercials in VFX – moved up the rungs to lead compositor then VFX supervisor and As VFX supervisor was able to get a good perspective of production – began to work as a ‘shadow director’ on some CG sequences in documentary work.

We discuss how he began working on short films and building his own team where he gathered attention for his shorts in Cannes, developed relationships with Paramount and Fox for screenwriting and developing projects.

How he put is own money he had planned to buy a house on the line for his first feature – The Beyond, based on his successful short Project Cronos.

Used caché from The Beyond to push his next feature ‘2036 Origin Unknown’ over the line and then used both of those features to pitch for Fast Layne a VFX heavy Disney TV series


The Beyond – Trailer

2036 Origin Unknown – Trailer


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