How to Edit a Star Wars Movie with Rogue One and Monsters Editor Colin Goudie with Phil Hawkins, Giles Alderson & Robbie McKane hosting.

This week we sat down with editor Colin Goudie who regales us with his wonderful stories about editing the incredible Gareth Edwards film Monsters and Star Wars: Rogue One.

How both films differed in budget but yet were the same in terms of emotion and making sure the story is key.

Phil Hawkins tells us about his Star Wars fan film: Origins and how it took 3 years to make and why he wanted to make a fan film in the first place especially after having made 5 feature films in the past.

Listen to Phil Hawkins episode as a guest Ep 14

We talk about Colin Goudie’s background, leaving school at 15, going to art college, learning 35mm B&W stills photography – Going to film school, learning to tell stories with individual still photos – Putting himself forward for jobs on student films, making himself useful – Breaking into the industry as a runner, getting hired by the BBC as an editing assistant.

We talk Colin’s first meeting Gareth Edwards whilst working on BBC programming ‘Atilla’. How he working on Monsters and the unusual film production style, entirely improvised, no script, 120 hours of rushes, a fitting challenge to even an experienced editor.

And we talk about the process of an editor.


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Colin’s recommended Editing Book

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