How to Distribute your film & make money with Filmtrepreneur’s Alex Ferrari with Giles Alderson

Join us on this weeks episode as we talk distribution!

Alex Ferrari, director of ‘This is Meg’ and ‘On the Corner of Ego & Desire’ chats to Giles Alderson (The Dare) in his home in LA about how you can distribute your film and make money from it.

They chat about the Distribber debacle, the Facebook group set up from it to help filmmakers and the best way to distribute your indie film.

They also go into detail about when distribution should be talked about when making a film, how you need a niche and how you can actually make money from your indie film.

Indie film Hustle TV

‘Rise of the Filmtrepeneur’ Book

Facebook – Protect Yourself from Predatory Film Distributors


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