How to Direct Bruce Willis in an indiefilm with Matt Eskandari on ‘Survive the Night’

On this week’s episode, we welcome writer and director Matt Eskandari to discuss his career which includes three collaborations with action superstar Bruce Willis. From the recently released Survive the Night, to their first feature together Trauma Center, and the upcoming Hard Kill.


Matt lets us in on his approach to building a good rapport with bigger name actors, tells us the benefits of learning about cinema history and how he made his first short with off-cuts of 35mm film given to him by Sir Ridley Scott.


We also discuss Matt’s claustrophobic thriller 12 Feet Deep which got him noticed by agents and led to his first collaboration with Bruce. Matt tells us how he used just a single location and the power of subtle camera movement to achieve his intent.


And finally: have you ever wondered how Bruce Willis would act if he had starred in Micheal Mann’s Heat? Matt shares some behind the scenes secrets where Bruce gave alternate takes for him at a Pacino-like level. Take a listen to find out.


Watch the Trailer for Survive the Night


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