How to Co-Direct an Indie Feature Film funded by friends to making a huge Disney Studio Movie with director Zach Lipovsky and host Giles Alderson


Zach Lipovsky joins Giles Alderson to chat how he went from making indie films (FREAKS) with his friends and family’s money to making an huge studio movie for Disney with his film KIM POSSIBLE

Zach talks about making his ace indie film Freaks and how to work with young actors – auditioning them and on set. How to cast, direct and work with named actors such as Bruce Dern & Emile Hirsh and how he was encouraged by Mark Duplass.

He tells of some great ways on how you co-direct a feature film (in his case with Adam B Stein) and the positives and negatives of that.

The difference between indie and studio films, Script writing – out lining. and the importance of not just listening to one opinion

How he co created the App Shot Lister that helps filmmakers and how opportunities come from the places you wouldn’t expect. He also gives you some great advice for your film-making journey.

And he talks about his latest feature film the Disney backed Kim Possible and how it all came about.


Shot Lister

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