How to Cast and Work with Major Actors incl Henry Cavill & Sir Ben Kingsley on your debut feature film with NOMIS/Night Hunter director David Raymond. Hosted by Giles Alderson

Director and screenwriter David Raymond joins Giles Alderson on this weeks podcast to talk casting and working with huge named talent including Henry Cavill and Sir Ben Kingsley on his debut film NOMIS aka Night Hunter.

They chat how David went from politics to watching The Lord of The Rings to wanting to make movies and how he managed to charm his way into big meeting rooms to begin his creative turnaround.

How he wrote his first feature Heroes and Villians and starred in the movie with James Corden then learned fmor that experience he wanted to direct.

How he made his debut feature and managed to attract an incredible cast.

The issues he had on set and has some amazing advice for feature film directors and producers and how he tenacity and willingness to keep going and make his feature film got the movie finished and in cinemas around the world

ALSO How to write a script that gets attention. Being challenged and inspired by seeing how a script is adapted. Working in developing low to mid budget action genre films. Casting, securing actors – Henry Cavill, Stanley Tucci and having a shorthand with Actors – Ben Kingsley, Brendan Fletcher and a Troubled production, logistics, candid, budget problems and how lacking coverage on set is a huge leason.

Why the films name changed and why in Russia it is called Game of Hanibal.

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