Going from a Micro Budget to a £1M Feature – Producer Emma Biggins and Director & Writer Oliver Milburn talk making SCHOOLS OUT FOREVER

‘Schools Out Forever’ Producer ‘Emma Biggins’ and Director ‘Oliver Milburn’ join Director & Producer, Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Dan Richardson (Food For Thought) for a mini reunion to discuss their first feature ‘The Harsh Light of Day’ and Emma and Oliver’s latest feature School’s Our Forever’ which is available to buy on all platforms NOW!

Oliver discusses how he shifted focus in the business and left directing behind for a few years and the reason why, how they released ‘The Harsh Light of Day’ and how they sold that film to distributors within the industry.

We also dive deeper into their latest film ‘Schools Out Forever’ and how you can get an option on a novel, financing a film and how ‘Rebellion’, a brilliant games company came on board to help them. We discuss how important it is to have dogged determination in this business, how they marketed their movie and came up with a plan to get their film shown to an audience, which will definitely benefit yours. 

It’s an incredible episode and you will learn so much. We’ve missed Emma and Ollie in our lives and we hope you gain something from this weeks conversation.


Schools Out Forever Website

WATCH The Harsh Light of Day here


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