From Short to Feature – LIVE from Kino with Jennifer Sheridan, Giles Alderson and Dustin Curtis Murphy

Today, we have another special episode for you. Giles swapped places with Dustin Curtis Murphy, the festival director of Kino Short Film, who interviewed him live at a Kino event. They are joined by director Jennifer Sheridan, who is known for her film Rose (2020) and the TV shows Rules of the Game (2022) & The Snow Spider (2020).

Dustin interviews Jennifer & Giles about their journey as a director, their stories behind their first feature films, how they raised the money and how they spoke to distributors. They also discuss how they got their agents, how they got a good cast, film festivals, the importance of being bold, and many audience questions.

Dustin was a brilliant host. He asked some clever questions and Jennifer & Giles gave some inspiring answers. You will enjoy this. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode with Jennifer Sheridan, Giles Alderson and Dustin Murphy.


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