Episode 144 A Serial Killers Guide to Life with Staten Cousins Roe And Poppy Roe

This week we’re joined by filmmakers Staten Cousins Roe and Poppy Roe where they discuss their killing spree filled black comedy A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life with host and producer Giles Alderson

Poppy and Staten discuss the importance of appreciating the collaborators and creators around you, savvy ways to keep a cost-effective shoot, and the knack of running a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise £27,500.

The trio also chat about knowing your audience and how to target it, honing a film in the edit, and Giles reveals some of the more glamorous tasks of his role as a producer on the film.

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life – Official Trailer

On iTunes in the UK: https://apple.co/2YbAz2d

Pre-order herehttps://www.aserialkillersguidetolife.com/


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