Ep18 CREATING A CAREER AS A FILM-MAKER – THE STOLEN special Pt2 Emily Corcoran, Niall Johnson & Gillian MacGregor

Giles Alderson and Christian James chat to The Stolen team, Emily Corcoran, Gillian MacGregor and Niall Johnson about their journeys in film-making. Making a film on your credit card, How to keep getting work after your first film, Have your film play every year by setting it at Christmas, Producers Reps, Agents and managers, how to create a career as a film-maker and why you should always have another script ready. Oh and Giles and Gillian discuss the story of how they worked on the Oscar winning Gravity.


The Stolen: https://thestolenmovie.com/

Cork Films https://www.corkfilms.co.uk/

Twitter: @emilycorc @GillyMacg @NiallJohnson

www.thefilmmakerspodcast.com @filmmakerspod

Giles Alderson @gileasalderson www.directedbygiles.com @thedaremovie

Christian James @CJamesDirect

Recorded at Voice Over Soho https://www.voiceoversoho.co.uk/

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