Ep 91 How to Make a hit Documentary Feature, with Bros: After the Screaming Stops director Joe Pearlman and hosts Giles Alderson & Christian James

This week we chat to ace documentary filmmaker Joe Pearlman about how he makes his documentaries including the riducously popular recently released doc on Bros. How he started in the business and worked at well known Fulwell 73, got his foot in the door and started making indie docs. Living with Mo Farah the Olympic gold winning Marathon runner whilst he made the documentary on him. How he was asked to make the Bros doc and his original opinion. We ask if the doc was staged or is it all real? How you can make a doc about twins from an 80’s boy band and hit the zeitgeist in the U.K. and have a very successful and incredibly talked about feature film.. Why the third member of Bros wasn’t in the doc or even talked about. How to actually shoot a doc, where to put cameras and who shoots what.how to film the interviews themselves. How to work with the interviewees and what is a great way to edit the films WATCH – BROS: AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0001qyv/bros-after-the-screaming-stops FOLLOW Joe on Twitter here: @joe_pearlman BUZZFEED FAV PODCASTS LINK Please do us a favour and recommend us to Buzzfeed. Link http://bit.ly/2srIEAP MAKE YOUR FILM event http://bit.ly/2ALgDZJ Join filmmakers Giles Alderson, Dom Lenoir and guests speakers at the new #MakeYourFilm event in London on 29th Jan. Only £7. FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN – 5 day course at EZ Going Retreats in Portugal. Learn the 10 steps to enable you to make your short film a success! For €99 discount use the code Podcast2019 Link here http://bit.ly/2SHMAZF GREENLIT – The NEW crowdfunding platform 50% off the Crowdfunding masterclass .As part of our support for filmmakers, they’re offering subsidised training for filmmakers on the subject of crowdfunding. The introductory course runs over two sessions, a week apart. The first course runs on Thursday 24th January, with the second taking place on Thursday 31st January, both running from 6.00 to 8.30 PM. link http://bit.ly/2AIdWI9 RAINDANCE: A good Cannes, like a good film, requires effective pre-production and focused production. Registration starts in February – so get in quick with all the knowledge you will need after attending Raindance’s Cannes Survival Guide. Book your place at the next session on 4th February and get in for just a tenner (RRP £25)  with the Filmmakers Podcast exclusive discount code CANNES10. Can’t attend in London? You can also live-stream the course online! Booking link: http://bit.ly/CannesSurvivalGuide WATCH World of Darkness https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BS35KQ2?pf_rd_p=855cdcfd-05d9-474f-b84d-8286a3530ba1&pf_rd_r=G5Q5NNQZR9PRZNQ4ME5D WATCH Fanged Up https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fanged-Up-Daniel-OReilly/dp/B07F83JN6G/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1542670909&sr=1-1&keywords=fanged MARSDENS BEER TOWN FILM FESTIVAL – SUBMIT your short films here: https://beertownfilmfestival.co.uk/ Follow US on Twitter @filmmakerspod  @Food4ThoughtDoc @gilesalderson  @35mmdop @Cjamesdirect @FangedUpFilm @thedaremovie Part of the www.podfixnetwork.com

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