Ep 79 Making Indie Films & Filming in A Foreign Language with Mike Pecci, director & writer of 12KM

Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, podcaster and great guy Mike Pecci joins Giles Alderson on the Filmmakers Podcast this week to shoot he breeze about filmmaking.

They talk Mike’s award winning short film 12KM which he made after cracking his head open while ice skating on a date and having a vision for the film. We talk about making commercials, surviving in the business, coverage while filmmaking, working with actors and a generally brilliant chat about film making in general and his Podcast In Love With the Process which is about filmmaking (and food)

Mike Pecci
With over 18 years of experience, Mike has cemented a name for himself not only as a photographer and music video director, but as an abstractly edgy filmmaker who is undeniably devoted to the art of storytelling. His characters are the faces of his work – passionate, emotional, and distorted stories are the basis for some of Mike’s most well-received films.


Mike Pecci Website http://www.mikepecci.com

Mike’s Podcast – In Love With the Process Podcast

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Mark Leatham Blog on making his Short film Eric Clapton http://pseudomyopiafilms.com/

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