Ep 59 (Part 2) Timothy Spall & Stephen Cookson talk Acting, Harry Potter, On set directing & Stanley A Man of Variety

Actor Timothy Spall & director Stephen Cookson talk acting, working on Harry Potter, directing tips and their new film Stanley A Man of Variety with Giles Alderson and Andrew RodgerWe talk with Stephen about finding the locations, Shooting black and white. The look and visuals of a feature film, VFX and the Editing process. Making his debut film My Angel where he brought in Timothy who made calls to bring on Brenda Blethin and it snowballed from there.Learning not to give to many notes to actors & being very respectful of older actors and their ability to be the role. We discuss that if you want to be a director. Direct something see if you like it.How the idea is the most important thing. No point spending years trying to make something of the idea is badWe learn how Stephen met Star Wars director Irvin Kershner on the tube and asking him questions and advice which he duly gave.Should we having agents as a director? Stephen gives a compelling argument regarding this.Timothy talks about being in Harry Potter and being seduced by director Alphonso Cuaron to take the part. How being in a massive franchise like that is a blessing and a curse.“Your either right for the part or you ain’t”There is a difference between film stars and actors. Film stars can fit into wish-fulfillment roles. Character actors can fit it different roles”LinksStanley A Man of Variety is OUT NOW at Picture House Cinema’s.Link to screenings: https://www.picturehouses.com/film/stanley-a-man-of-varietyTrailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=QV5y7hN9bp4Raindance www.raindance.orgRaindance offer http://bit.ly/DeepCharacterisation use the code RDPODCAST20 for 20% offINDIE FILM SHOUT OUTSA Serial Killers Guide to Life facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ASerialKiIIersGuidetoLifeMovie/Official SITE of the podcast www.thefilmmakerspodcast.comPart of the www.podfixnetwork.comGiles Alderson Official site http://www.directedbygiles.comFollow us on Twitter @filmmakerspod @gilesalderson @35mmdop.com

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