Ep 60 HOW TO WRITE, DIRECT & EDIT YOUR OWN FEATURE FILM with Alex D’Lerma & Giles Alderson

Director Alex D’lerma has directed the recent indie hit Fear, Love and Agoraphobia which is out now on i-tunes and amazon.

He sits down with host and fellow director Giles Alderson to talk making the most of life, making indie films, how he made his latest film and film-making in general.

Alex D’Lerma is a writer, producer, and director. He created his own production company, TOSTADO PRODUCTIONS, in 2003 and made his screenwriting and directing debut with the feature film ALVAREZ & CRUZ.

He is also the founder of the L.A. based acting & directing (for camera) studio THE CINEMA GYM which has trained and mentored actors and directors since 2006.  And he also taught film studies & directing at UCLA extension for over a decade.

Mr. D’Lerma’s directing and writing credits include the feature films ALVAREZ & CRUZ (Slamdunk film fest) and BORN (Lions Gate screenwriter).  In addition Alex has written and directed multiple prize winning short films and web series including YU-SOLVE, GOD’S LITTLE MONSTER, SELL OUT, STRIP POKER (Tahoe/Reno International film fest) & MEAT (Horror Fest winner) to name a few.

Alex D’Lerma’s current feature film “FEAR, LOVE, and AGORAPHOBIA” has won 20 film festival awards and IS AVAILABLE  TO WATCH NOW!


Fear, Love & Agoraphobia Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=6QAfAxubGJ4

BUY Fear, Love & Agoraphobia here: https://www.amazon.com/Fear-Love-Agoraphobia-Linda-Burzynski/dp/B07BJL93CY

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