Ep 56 How to Speak to Film Investors, SEIS/EIS and film financing with EXEC PRODUCER Peter Dunphy

The wonderful and delightfully film investment savvy Exec Producer Peter Dunphy from Gizmo Film joins us to discuss film finance, how important your investors are not just at the beginning and How the feature film Funny Cow starring Maxine Peake, which is out now came to be.How being an Exec Producer can have it’s perks but also it’s downfalls like having to sack actors but gives us the best way to do it.We discuss his latest TV show Mad to be Normal starring David Tennant and Elizabeth Moss which is coming out soonHow he worked for business man James Caan and became an expert on tax which proved to be invaluable.“Every film you are involved in you make big mistake and say I’m not going to doing that again. “Mistakes are not seeing the route to market. You should be thinking about distribution and sales“If you can’t get sales agent or distributor at the early stages. Get a new project”We discuss the best way to move forward with a project when you just have a script.We go into detail on SEIS,  EIS and film tax relief*note SEIS – 50% tax rebate for investors. Limit is 150k. Plus loss relief on top of that. So 75% is risk free.EIS. Investors can raise up to 10mil per investorAnd by getting advanced assurance. Allows you to give comfort to your investor.Now the government want you to make a slate of films. Rather than one.Film tax relief. If making a film in the UK you qualify up to 25% of film tax relief.“Spend the money as if it was your own”Surviving Christmas. Good cast, EIS advance assurance and UK tax credit in place. “The moment you get the the film wrapped you now have an asset, which the investors have a stake in.We also discuss how to keep investors at bay or entertained.LINKSTrailer ‘Funny Cow’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qDFb7qUV30Film INFO www.funnycowfilm.co.ukwww.gizmofilms.comTwitter @Gizmo Films @PeterDunphy1Follow uswww.thefilmmakerspodcast.com@filmmakerspod @gilesalderson @cjamedirect

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