Ep 53 Part 2 HOW TO MAKE AN INDIE CRIME THRILLER & GET A STUDIO ATTACHED with Trish Rybarczyk & Sacha Bennett

Part 2 of our chat with indie filmmakers and the team behind ace action thriller Tango One, Trish Rybarczyk & Sacha Bennett who sit down with Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Dan Richardson (Retribution) in Just Voices Studio to chat about how they made it.

*We have an exclusive on their new film Ethel with a CAST announcement.


Trish and Sacha discuss the makings Tango One. How the investor/producer came to him and how Universal came on board. Only issue with having a big studio behind your film is having to wait in line behind the big releases, watching them come out first and hoping yours is next. But hearing the universal theme at the beginning of your movie is incredible.

How adapting a book can be difficult and how turning away from the novel and changing the characters can be very beneficial. And changing the dialogue to fit help massively but also adapting the script the script to make it work within the budget.

How they didn’t want Tango One to be a gangster film. Making it more international, thriller-esque and less London drug dealers.

They also talk about Sacha’s latest feature Mid Summer Nights Dream which is now in post.

It’s all about prep. If you want something done do it yourself.


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