Ep 52 HOW TO MAKE INDIE FEATURES and THE BENEFIT OF SHORT FILMS with Trish Rybarczyk & Sacha Bennett

The team behind ace action thriller Tango One, Trish Rybarczyk & Sacha Bennett sit down with Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Dan Richardson (Retribution) in Just Voices Studio to chat about how they made it.

Trish started out working on Scorsese’s The Departed and American Gangster and Spiderman3. Got to see how a huge company worked on set. She wanted to learn the craft of filmmaking and not jump into it. So did loads of jobs in film to get the experience.

Sacha “Id still argue being on set, watching a film play out is the best film school”

How Sacha worked as an actor on Blackadder and the amazing learning experience he had from that. “Even if it’s you going out with some mates and an i-phone, by doing some acting you’ll become a much better director that way”

If you’ve been a runner and had to mop up the toilets you understand the vitals of that.

If you are making a short, just ask actors. They are always looking for work

After Sacha made Devilwood, the investors asked if he could make a feature for 150k, so he quickly went through the scripts he had and made it work with Tuesday his bank heist film

Getting his cast of John Simm, Kevin McNally and Ashley Walters.

How they made Tango One. Getting all the money from the investor and getting Universal on board. Only issue with that is having to wait behind the big releases to come out first and hoping yours is next. But hearing the universal theme on at the beg of your movie is incredible.

How adapting a book can be difficult and ho turning away from the book and changing the character can be very benificial. And changing the dialogue to fit. How they didn’t want it to be a gangster film. Making Tango One more international and thriller esk and less London drug dealers .

It’s all about prep. If you want something done do it yourself.


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