Enys Men – Making Bafta winning BFI films with Mark Jenkin.

On this weeks episode Giles Alderson chats with BAFTA and BIFA winning director Mark Jenkin about making his feature films and his they dive deep into shooting on film and his latest feature shot that way, Enys Men which is OUT NOW!


One of the most exciting filmmakers working in the UK today. Mark has been showered with praise for his BAFTA-winning feature film ‘BAIT’. A native son of Cornwall, Mark Jenkin is a British director, editor, screenwriter, cinematographer and producer.


ENYS MEN is in cinemas now. The Cinematic DNA of ENYS MEN season [curated by director Mark Jenkin] runs at BFI Southbank until 31 January with selected films and Jenkin’s shorts collection available on BFI Player now.


ENYS MEN will be released on Blu-ray/DVD and BFI Player on 1 May.

The ENYS MEN Original Score by Mark Jenkin is out now digitally via Invada Records and released on vinyl on 24 February.


On the episode Giles and Mark talk about:

-The success Bait

-Why they brought on film4 to finance Enys Men

-Why he shoot on film not digital 

-Inspiration & passion 

-Why most of edit decisions are made before the shoot or on set 

-And why simplicity on set is key


Mark was previously on the filmmakers podcast recorded at Dirt in the Gate’s LIVE screening and Q&A chat for the BAIT.

You can listen to that here https://thefilmmakerspodcast.com/bait-how-to-make-a-bafta-nominated-indie-film-on-16mm-live-qa-with-director-cinematographer-writer-mark-jenkin/




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