Dumb Money – Budgeting, Scripting, Raising Finance and making a blockbuster indie film with Producers Aaron Ryder, Teddy Schwarzman and screenwriters Lauren Schuker Blum & Rebecca Angelo

On this weeks BUMPER film-making podcast episode we have the team behind hit movie DUMB MONEY.

Producers Aaron Ryder, Teddy Schwarzman and screenwriters Lauren Schuker Blum & Rebecca Angelo delve deep into Budgeting, loosing and raisingfinance and screenwriting tips on getting an blockbuster indie film made.

We talk with producer Aaron Ryder (Arrival, Donnie Darko, The Prestige) about:

IP, And where he found the idea.

Christopher Nolan and why he produced his first movie.

Pitching and why producing movies is great.

We talk with screenwriters and Exec’s Lauren and Rebecca (Orange is the New Black) about:

WGA /SAG strike, Why we need to stay strong.

Why you should know as much as possible about your project before starting writing it.

Their writing process & scripts that never got made.

And we talk with producer Teddy Schwarzman (The Imitation Game, Mudbound) about:

How he learnt the business of filmmaking.

Budgeting and raising finance.

What do producers actually do?

& Why the more films you make the less you freak out.

DUMB MONEY stars Paul Dano, Seth Rogan, Pete Davidson, America Ferrara, Anthony Ramos, Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan and Nick Offerman and is in CINEMA’s NOW

Directed by Craig Gillespie (I-Tonya, Lars and the Real Girl) and is based on the Book the Anti-Social Network.


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