Director Fernando Meirelles on making The Two Popes, City of God and The Constant Gardner

Legendary director Fernando Meirelles joins us to talk about how he made his latest feature The Two Popes starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. He discussed how the film came about, what his process is like on set, how he worked with massive names including Anthony Hopkins, how he prepares and performs on the day and how he cast Jonathan Pryce.

He talks about lighting The Two Popes and his process working with his DoP and how they used oil paintings as reference and used a flat light.

How he uses music in his films and why he used Jazz

How he edited 45 minutes out of The Two Popes and the importance of a good editor. Being aware of pace in the edit.

How he made The Constant Gardner and created the film into 45 minutes in the edit room .

He explains how his breakthrough film City of God came about and why he put his own money into the film and what happened after he sold City of God at Cannes

And how on The Two Popes Netflix helped and were a brilliant support.

The Two Popes is out in cinemas and on Netflix on Dec 20th 2020

WATCH The Two Popes Trailer


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