Directing a political film with big stars, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Banks, with Oscar-nominated “Carol”-writer & “Call Jane”-director Phyllis Nagy

Today, our hosts, Dom Lenoir & Conor Boru, welcome writer/director Phyllis Nagy to the show! She is the Oscar-nominated writer behind the brilliant Carol (2015), starring Cate Blanchett. Now, she’s back as a director with her feature film Call Jane (2022), starring Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Messina, Kate Mara, only to name a few.

In their chat, they discuss

·      making a political film with a message

·      creating the 1960s look

·      finding the right cast

·      the difference between theatre and film

·      directing a film with big stars

We (Dom) are deeply sorry for the audio quality as we had to record this episode on our phones. However, our chat is more than worth listening to as you will hear. So, sit back, relax and enjoy our amazing conversation with Phyllis Nagy!


CALL JANE is out!

A married woman with an unwanted pregnancy lives in a time in America where she can’t get a legal abortion and works with a group of suburban women to find help.



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