Adam Deacon: SUMOTHERHOOD, Raising Finance, Directing, Mental Health and Acting with Jazzie Zonzolo

Adam Deacon & Jazzie Zonzolo join us this week to talk making comedy crime caper and sequel to Anuvahood, Sumotherhood.

They sit down with Giles Alderson and Dom Lenoir to discuss making the movie.

We start with Adam who not only starred in Kidulthood and Adulthood but also won the BAFTA rising star award before openly struggling with mental health. He has since bounced back triuphantly with his latest film Sumotherhood with his solo directed for the first time as well as produced, wrote and starred in.

We discuss:

Why investors invest in you.

Why he had two cameras on set.

Making a comedy film and what you need to bring.

Why he took time to establish the look he wanted with his DoP.

Collaborating with Paramount,

Directing Ed Sheeran and Jeremy Corbin

Mental Health and why you should never give up.

Then Jazzie Zonzolo join us and we discussed.

Screenwriting and producing collaboration.

Trailer here

Sumotherhood is in UK cinemas NOW!


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