Caroline Goodall on how to write & produce your debut indie film – ‘Bay of Silence’ which stars Claes Bang, Brian Cox & Olga Kurlenko

Actress, producer and screenwriter Caroline Goodall had a chat with Giles and Robbie all the way from Croatia about her debut written and produced feature film Bay of Silence starring Claes Bang, Olga Kurylenko and Brian Cox.

Caroline who starred in the feature films Hook, Schindler’s List, Cliffhanger, The Princess Diaries, Dorian Gray and Hunter Killer to name a few, talks about filming during Covid, choosing to produce, turning the novel of Bay of Silence into a screenplay, how she raised the finance, got the amazing cast on board and how they filmed it.

She also talks about working with Robin Williams on Hook, Steven Spielberg on Schindler’s List and Ridley Scott on White Squall.

Caroline gives some amazing advice to film-makers and screenwriters about writing and about business plans for your investors and to always be ready as you never know when that next opportunity might come knocking.

Bay Of Silence is OUT NOW

Trailer here:

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