A Serial Killers Guide To Life. Making a micro budget indie film with Staten Cousins Roe, Poppy Roe & Giles Alderson

This week we’re joined by filmmakers Staten Cousins Roe and Poppy Roe where they discuss their killing spree filled black comedy A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life with host and co-producer Giles Alderson 

Poppy and Staten discuss the importance of appreciating the collaborators and creators around you, savvy ways to keep a cost-effective shoot, and the knack of running a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise £27,500.

The trio also chat about knowing your audience and how to target it, honing a film in the edit, and Giles reveals some of the more glamorous tasks of his role as a producer on the film.

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life – Official Trailer

On iTunes in the UK: https://apple.co/2YbAz2d

WATCH in UK USA CANADA herehttps://www.aserialkillersguidetolife.com/ 


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