A Deep Dive into Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon

In our latest podcast, filmmaker Zack Snyder chatted with Dom Lenoir and Giles Alderson about Rebel Moon, diving into the depths of its creation and his unique approach to storytelling.

“I was very excited to look at part two of Rebel Moon,” Dom expressed, setting the stage for a discussion on Zack’s latest venture. “What an ambitious, exciting franchise.”

Getting Started

Rebel Moon began with a blank canvas, with no literary roots. “The most exciting thing for me was finding out that you’d masterminded it, not from a book,” Dom noted, prompting Zack to delve into how it all began.

“I have a great and deep interest in mythology and a deep interest in sci-fi fantasy,” Zack revealed, highlighting his fascination with the genre. “Part of the reason we just like let’s do it from scratch was that I also wanted to have a bit of fun with the genre.”

The excitement of crafting a narrative unbound by existing conventions encouraged him to push the boundaries of storytelling. “There was a bunch of stuff I wanted to see that was crazy,” Zack explained. “So I was like, let’s do that.”

Crafting The Script

The writing process presented its own set of challenges, with Zack balancing his expansive imagination with practical constraints. “There’s a few gags that were too big, but weirdly, not that many,” Zack reflected. “The story is pretty straightforward when you think about it.”

The script involved diligent planning and substantial collaboration, as Zack and his team mapped out the film’s narrative and visual landscape. “We tend to whiteboard the movie pretty extensively and pretty detailed as far as the scenes go and the character breakdown,” he shared.

Zack’s Filmmaking

The chat with Zack shed light on his distinctive approach to filmmaking, his penchant for director’s cuts and the creative freedom afforded them by working with platforms like Netflix.

“It’s a crazy, brand-new IP. It’s completely original,” he mentioned while highlighting the collaborative process behind bringing Rebel Moon to life.

As the production unfolded, challenges arose, from practical things like set construction to the unpredictable whims of nature. “the biggest challenge was dealing with the harvesting. The wheat was the biggest crazy challenge because we planted all that wheat. We had hired these farmers that told us when the wheat would be ready. The wheat, of course, was not ready” Zack acknowledged, recounting the trials of bringing his vision to the big screen.

Being Authentic

Throughout our chat with Zack, he emphasised the importance of staying true to one’s creative instincts and embracing the inherent weirdness of storytelling. “It’s always important to understand the story structure and character development,” Zach noted. “But I would also say that probably your favourite movies when you think about what movies were compelling to you, for me anyway, tend to be the ones where I feel the personality and/ or the hand of the filmmaker. These choices are very personal and the personal choices tend to be more compelling because they are unexpected or they are unique.”

Zack’s insights offered a glimpse into the creative process behind Rebel Moon and served as a testament to the power of being daring and different in the world of filmmaking. Find out more, by listening to the full podcast, here.

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