100th EPISODE! Featuring: Mark Strong, Neil Marshall, Deborah Haywood, Scott Adkins and many more

Giles Alderson sits down for a natter with director and producer Scott Mann to chat indie film-making working in the studio film system and dealing with on set nerves.

Filming in Bulgaria with The Tournament and the great film crews they have there.

We talk how he made a teaser trailer for the Tournament. Got offered a mil as soon as he got to Cannes to get it made but no guarantee he would direct it so he turned it down. People suddenly wanted the project but he wanted to direct. And even with offers on the table It still took two years and having to sign on the dole while he tried to get it made.

Then trying to close sales on the Tournament and getting Ving Rhames to agree to star in the film after having to wade into the sea in Cannes to get a better reception on his phone whilst doing so. Loosing finance during prep and not being able to leave the hotel as bills not paid!! And getting cash flow on a sheet of yellow paper.

We discuss getting star struck and dealing with the fear on set with actors and how Hugging Robert DeNiro changed his mindset

Working with Harvey Weinstein after The Tournament and possibly making a remake of Seven Samurai

The wonderful tale of when he talked to Robert DeNiro via Skype and going on to work on the script and directing Robert on set of Heist.

Making action movie Final Score and how it came together so quickly

Having no extras in the stadium where they filmed. Having a high above the line and a low below the line. Creating and setting up the action in films. Storyboarding for himself and making a film when you know the set is going to be torn down.


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